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Led flood light with sensor motion. Ledmax FLOOD 30ESSpotlight led sensor motion. Ledmax FLOOD30ES

Led flood light with sensor motion. Ledmax FLOOD 30ES

Price 472 UAH.

Led spotlight with motion sensorLedmax series Flood - is a modern solution for exterior and interior lighting. The sensor provides not only savings - including lamp only when "focus" hits a moving object, but also performs security functions - signaling the presence of strangers. The sensitivity of the sensor is adjusted depending on the task to avoiding unplanned inclusions. All LEDMAX floodlight series FLOOD have waterproof and dustproof housing, which ensures long lifespan of the spotlight. Light source diode floodlight is a new generation COB matrix.

Led floodlight favorably to the previous generation halogen lamps its reliability and efficiency and long service life.

Products Ledmax certified and meets all international standards and regulations for lighting applications. Production onexeno high-tech equipment, production process and logistics is controlled by European experts. All this allows us to produce quality products and deliver them in more than 85 countries.


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