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Festoon led street Fringe. Color: mix 100 bulbs. Black wireFestoon led street Fringe. Color: mix 100 bulbs. Black wire

Garland Fringe IP65 led street light 3m 100 led mix

Price 341 UAH.


 Led light garland fringe  is a very popular method of decoration in Christmas illuminations. Garland resembles a glowing hanging icicles, creating a festive and fabulous atmosphere. With ee помощью можно украсить фасад любого типа, начиная от небольшого магазина или киоска до торгового центра, ресторана и частного дома.

Quality rubber black wire

Light color : mix

Waterproof level : IP65

Width: 3 m

Height: 65 cm and 35 cm


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