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Shop led lighting for apartments • homes • offices • streets and any other objects
Available: Led bulb, Led lamps, cheap lights, lights Autonomous, ice ribbon

Good prices for quality products. Economical and self-contained lighting has never been so available

Our company specializiruetsya in the sale and installation of lighting equipment. 
In the online store LED Svit a selection of items to solve the task lamp led lighting different objects:

  • internal lighting apartments and offices
  • street lighting
  • mood lighting and illumination
  • lighting in commercial and industrial facilities

The advantages of working with us:

  • tested and certified product
  • assistance in selecting equipment and advice
  • prompt delivery across Ukraine
  • more than 10 years on the market of lighting products

All of our products have service and warranty support. 
We will help You to solve any problem on the coverage - just contact us in any convenient way for You)

tel. +38 (044) 360-92-75

address: Kyiv city, Radishcheva St., 8



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