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Terms of service LED Svit shop economical lighting Kiev, Ukraine, shipment from a warehouse in Kiev, low prices, only certified equipment with a guarantee. Shop LEDSvit You can buy everything for illumination of premises, facades and streets.

The terms of the agreement

- the company "LED Svit" engaged in the sale through the online store (hereinafter – the Company) on the one hand, and
- customer of goods through the online store of the Company (hereinafter - Customer), on the other hand
and agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement

1. On receipt and processing of orders
1.1 Placing an order

Orders are accepted only from registered members, through the online store of the Company, as well as by phone. Registration means that the Customer agrees to abide by the terms of this Agreement.
Registration data the company uses the Customer only for the quality of interaction with the Customer, and is not entitled to transfer to third parties, except cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

1.2 Order processing

After the Customer places the order, he has a message to the email address notifying you that the order was in base orders, the online store of the Company.
Within two hours the Manager of the online store of the Company should contact the Customer on the left coordinates (phone/email address).
Manager of Internet-shop is obliged to provide advice on the technical characteristics of products, compatibility with other devices and other questions about the products.

1.3 Adjustment of the order

When you run the order Manager online store, the Company has the right to make changes in the list of ordered goods and their prices without the coordination with the Customer. In the absence of any ordered products, the Company is obliged to notify the Customer and suggest an appropriate replacement. The Company is not responsible for damages or lost profits of the Customer.

2. Payment and documents
2.1 Method of issuance and type of document depending on the terms of delivery and payment
2.1.1 Courier delivery/Bank transfer

When paying by Bank transfer the Customer receives the original invoice and the invoices from the courier upon delivery. The customer shall promptly send a copy of the warrant by Fax or email to prepare documents (invoices). The goods are not delivered without the documents.
To speed up receiving data on the receipt of funds from the Customer, the Company requests to transfer funds to inform the Manager of the online store.

2.1.2 Delivery/Payment in cash

If paying by cash, the courier delivers the order form in two copies with the specified details, date of sale, names of goods, prices, quantity, payment for travel expenses, the total cost of your purchase. The first copy of the order with a mark about payment, Company stamp and signature of the authorized person of the Company and a receipt provided to the Customer. Another copy of the order with the Customer's signature on receipt of Order and payment remains with the Company representative.

2.1.3 Pickup

If the Customer prefers to collect the goods himself, he must coordinate with the Manager of the online store the time of delivery of the goods. The office will be delivered the goods here will be executed all the necessary documents. If the Customer is a legal person, then it is recommended to send a copy of a power of attorney to the Manager of the online store by Fax or email for prompt preparation of invoices.

2.1.4 Delivery in Ukraine

Delivery in Ukraine by courier services. Delivery the customer shall at his own expense.

2.2 Check of the delivered goods

When the transfer request of the Customer, both parties are required to check the conformity of the items and the quantity on the order form and sales receipt really brought the goods.

3. On delivery
3.1 The Representative Of The Company

The courier Company (courier delivery service) is obliged to present to the Customer a document confirming his affiliation with the Company and the Customer to check for such.

3.2 Time

Usually the Company delivers the goods on the next working day after the funds are credited to the account of the company (for payments by Bank transfer) or on the next business day after receipt of order (cash courier). If possible, the Company and the Customer, ordering by agreement of the parties may be delivered earlier. At the same time, the Customer understands that the Company may encounter unforeseen situation where delivery will take more 2 working days (no free machines, delivering orders online store, etc.) or shipping will generally be temporarily unavailable, the Manager of the online shop is obliged to inform the Customer as quickly as possible. The Company assumes no obligation to reimburse any losses of the Customer associated with the late delivery of the order. If the Customer is not satisfied with the delivery time, he can refuse the order.
For its part, the Customer undertakes to accept the goods at the indicated address on time or delegate the reception of the order of the Trustee. If at the address the order was not adopted due to the absence of the Customer or a Trustee, as well as documents (power of attorney) - transportation costs for this trip will be included in the cost of this or subsequent orders.
In any case, the Manager of the online store of the Company and the Customer agree on the terms of delivery between themselves, and strive to fulfill the order at the specified time.

3.3 Cancellations

The customer has the right to cancel the order at any time, including when goods have already been delivered. The customer is committed to inform the Company about the cancellation possible in the shortest possible time.
The customer, who carried out preliminary payment for the order but did not receive it at the scheduled time on the fault, or unreasonably refused to receive the order when it is delivered to your home or office, return the money only in the amount of the value of goods (without transport costs).
The customer understands and agrees that repeated cases of order cancellation at the time of delivery, and changing the order during the delivery and after the sale may cause the Company will not in the future serve this Customer.

3.4 The exchange of goods

Exchange of goods is possible within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase if the goods were not in use, retained marketable, consumer quality seals, labels, and accompanied by the documents issued with the goods.
Delivery of goods to the Central office of the Company at the expense of the buyer.

4. On the legislative framework

Relationships of the Company and the Customer are regulated by the following legislative acts:
- «Порядок заняття торговельною дiяльнiстю i правил торговельного обслуговування населення», затверджений Кабінетом Міністрів України від 08.09.95 № 108 (зі змінами та доповненнями);
- The law of Ukraine "About Zahist rights spozhivachiv";
- «Правила продажу товарів на замовлення та вдома у покупців» (Наказ Міністерства зовнішніх економічних зв’язків і торгівлі України від 29 березня 1999 року N 199 . Зареєстровано в Міністерстві юстиції України 21 квітня 1999 р. за N 249/3542).

5. On the technical characteristics, appearance and configuration of goods

The company aims to provide actual images of the goods, prowintrans about products and their configuration. The Customer acknowledges that there may be real differences and are presented on the site characteristics, as manufacturers reserve the right to change these specifications without prior notice to the Company. The buyer must control the conformity of the ordered goods to the description, which he received in the online store – check them out on the manufacturers ' websites, to clarify the characteristics of the Manager of the online store. The customer has the right to refuse to buy the product when it detects a mismatch.

6. About the warranty
6.1 Documents

Upon delivery of the goods for which regulatory documents established warranty periods, the Company transfers to the Customer technical passport or other document substituting it. In this document a notation of the date of sale (date of delivery) and the seal and signature of the authorized person of the Company.

6.2 The liability for the time

The company is committed to the production description to specify the exact terms of the warranty, however, in order to avoid misunderstanding, the Customer shall specify the warranty periods the Manager of the online store.

7. On the terms of this Agreement

The company reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement, with all fundamental changes to the Agreement, the Company shall notify the Customer by e-mail, and the Customer agrees to receive from the Company the messages of this kind.
The company shall place this Agreement on its website.

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