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tochechnie svetilniki dlya natyazhnikh potolkov Accurately planned led lighting, can not only enhance the design of individual parts of the interior, but also to become its main highlight. That is why when planning renovations should consider every detail to the smallest detail. Stretch ceiling in this case will be ideal.

It is not necessary to forget that the paintings on the ceiling you need to think carefully about the light sources.

Selection of led lamps for stretch ceilings

 A wide range of lighting elements today can conquer the most demanding customer. However, when choosing them it is better to follow certain guidelines:

* светильники должны иметь внутренний бортик, который в последствии закроет армирующее кольцо;

* for security reasons, you should not buy lighting, heat exceeding 60°C;

 * чтобы избежать отражения света с поверхности потолка, рекомендуется приобретать лампы с регулируемым светом и зеркальным отражателем;

Principal lighting

Lighting can be presented in several variations:

- A single device that consists of three elements, interrelated: housing, electronic Converter and the light source. Usually they have a reasonably long life, high security and efficiency.

- Products with replaceable light source, allow for quick replacement of burned out parts. They have less reliability and durability.

- The spots are unique items, represented by several lamps of different types installed on the same base. This combination allows you to create specific lighting in different areas of the room.

- Chandelier LEDs, combined with the latest technology filled interior is truly fantastic forms.

the device mounting point of led luminaires in suspended ceilingsInstallation led lamps and the way it mounts in the ceiling

Assembly work usually takes place in several stages:

* wiring distribution on the surface of the ceiling

* marking the locations of the lamps;

* attaching brackets and other fastening components;

* fixation holes;

* the connection cable;

* the final placement.

All work should be performed adhering to the rules:

- instruments must be carefully insulated to avoid overheating during continuous operation;

- lamps with an impenetrable case will be a great option for rooms with high humidity;

- each cut in the ceiling should be done carefully and carefully disguised after work.

Consider mounting options led lights in the ceiling

As for the chandelier, there are several versions:

* Ceiling lamp - the future of a mount is performed prior to installation of blade. Then the light source are fixed with screws on a prepared base.

* Pendant lamp - is the most popular due to the simplicity of the fastener. Before starting the installation of ceiling canvases in the place of installation of ceiling mounted metal hook. After completion of the installation of a cloth chandelier hung on a prepared hook.

With regard to point sources of illumination - the main difference in the method of attachment, which can be accomplished by the following options:

* Overhead lamps - require special regulatory pillar, which later is covered with ceiling.

* Recessed lights - where the elements of the future anchorages installed before the installation of stretch ceiling. The choice of such devices should be approached responsibly to avoid further overheating of the canvas.

To choose a lamp should be based on the area and purpose of the light source in a particular room.

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