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Led lamps and their impact on human health

 The devices based on diodes have appeared recently, but already managed to occupy a leading position. This is not surprising because they usher in a new era in artificial lighting.
 Consider led bulb consume a much lower amount of energy compared to their counterparts. But everything is so beautiful as we are trying to get manufacturers? Not whether they are harmful to humans?

In order to have a complete picture of the LEDs it is necessary to consider their advantages

* A good return of light

* Damage resistance due to durable glass

* Long life - 30,000 hours to 100,000 hours.

* The low inertia

* Frequent switching on and off does not affect the service life

* Tolerate exposure to low temperatures.

The potential harm

Many assume that soon lamp bulbs will be completely replaced by led lighting. However, in addition to the above advantages, you can face several negative aspects that you should know in advance, because they have a negative effect on the human body.

Negative impact on vision

Today you can hear a lot of negative and positive statements about led light, which confirm the previous studies.

Dangerous radiation

A detailed study led to the conclusion that the high saturation of short-wave manifestations are very dangerous for the visual system.

- The blue glow manifests a devastating effect on the retina of the eye.

- Short of contact with eyes, aimed the bright beam of light can cause injury to the retina.

- Emitted radiation causes the retina of the eye injury of the following type:

* photomechanical effect of a direct impact;
* photometric - can occur when the temperature in the environment;
* photochemical - occurs at the time of change of structures of macromolecules.

- White and green light differ reduced phototoxicity.

- Red light does not show negative impact on the retina.

Many argue that a diode lamp much dazzle the eyes. It is not, because modern lamps feature a lens and sensor.

Suppression of secretion of melanin

Melanin is a hormone responsible for sleep, blood pressure and the production of brain cells.
Led artificial light sources can affect its production. However, any risk is worth considering only when illuminated at night.

Security purposes, should adhere to the following guidelines:

- in the bedroom it is best to use the bulb;
- avoid eye contact with bright light for a few hours before bedtime;
- as a night lighting the best option would be a red light.

Ripple lamps

The flickering of the lamps depends on the particular operation and the device as a whole. Modern lamp on the diodes is equipped with an electronic driver that makes the light more soft and smooth. However, to look directly at the included the lamp is still not worth it.

Thermal radiation

Each light source generates heat, it applies to LEDs. However, the latter is a direct reorganization of the current into light energy. At the lighting of these lamps almost do not heat up because the heat goes inside and is absorbed by the installed heat sink on the lamp.

Led lighting superior to other light sources on their performance. However, as any source of artificial light they can cause harm. It is therefore necessary to adhere to operational guidelines to prevent negative effect.

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