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Vybor Osveshheniya Prikhozhey The entrance area of the apartment, like all others, needs good lighting. The Chinese teachings of Feng Shui says that a good hallway lighting drives away evil spirits. The same opinion adheres and the Indian doctrine of Vaastu. Even if you don't believe the ancient science of harmonizing space, you need to arrange proper lighting of the hallway in a purely functional purposes.

Pendant led lamps

 In the hallways with high ceilings, the optimal solution can be hanging recessed ceiling lamps. Their number and location should depend on the size and shape of the hallway. In the houses of the Khrushchev and Brezhnev built hallways are usually small, so there will be enough and 1-2 of the lamp. If the hall is connected with a long narrow corridor, it is better to place several similar lamps at some distance from each other. Large chandeliers is not accepted to hang in the hallways, it is better to leave these chic lighting for living rooms and bedrooms. But the spots (turning lights) will look great in the hallways in the style of techno or modern.

Embedded LED lights

 For hallways, which can not boast of high ceilings, the best solution would be recessed lighting. In houses of the Soviet construction, the installation of stretch or suspended ceiling can be combined with the organization spot lighting. Recessed lights don't disguise the height of the room and are well suited for hallways in any style, so as not to catch the eye. If you are fascinated by minimalism, note on a simple plastic or chrome fixtures. Lovers of luxury will certainly love the lights with crystal pendants.

Led strip

 Recessed spot lights are perfectly combined with led ribbons. They are easy to hide around the perimeter of suspended ceilings or between layers of ceilings of complex structures. Colored led strips will help to brighten up even the plain white ceiling will make the living room more comfortable.

Wall led lights

 For hallways with low ceilings and good wall lamps. On the wall can be positioned rotating spots, wall sconces, flat lighting. A large selection of styles and sizes of wall lights gives you the opportunity to create unique interiors. Pair of sconces can be placed on both sides of the door or mirror. In recent years, gaining popularity of wooden fixtures that goes well with doors and wooden cabinets and racks in the hallways.

Floor lamps with led lamps

 For hallways to larger area you can pick up outdoor floor lamp. Original look of the floor lamps with tables, they are very beautiful and functional. These lamps serve as both lighting, and tables to store keys and other necessary things in the hallway. Decorative floor lamps, for example, in the form of colors, will give your hallway a truly luxurious feel.

Led lighting mirrors

 In the entrance area, special attention should be paid to lighting and mirrors. Good lighting of the mirrors will allow you to apply makeup and pick an outfit. In commercially available mirror with light, but to illuminate any mirror. Lamps for mirrors can be fastened to the frame of the mirror, the mirror sheet or to the wall near the mirror. All versions are equally good, the choice is determined only by your imagination. Many people prefer to choose for the mirrors, turning lights, this will help us to illuminate the face, for example, for applying makeup. Experts advise to choose lamp fluorescent white light.

Furniture fixtures 

 If the hallway has a large wardrobe, it is wise to think about the furniture fixtures. They are easy to find in the cupboard necessary and convenient to organize the interior of the Cabinet. You can choose between the built-in led lamps, working from the General network, and patch led lamps, run on batteries. The higher price of recessed luminaires kompensiruet the fact that you don't have to constantly change batteries or charge the batteries, but for cabinets with plenty of shelves to best fit overhead lights on rechargeable batteries.

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