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Manufacturer of led lamps in lighting fixtures

 In addition to the quality and durability of modern household appliances must possess and efficiency. In addition, they directly save money by consuming less electricity, these devices also improve the environment by reducing electricity consumption. This means that they reduce the release of toxic substances from power plants. The first electrical appliances, who became the head of this movement, was light bulb. Now hardly anyone uses the classic lamp filament, most opted for best option is led lamps. The reasons why they are gaining such popularity, are:

1. Environmentally friendly. Since there is no threat to humans and nature of mercury vapor and other toxic heavy metals, they do not affect human health;

2. Efficiency. At the same brightness as traditional light bulbs consume ten times less energy;

3. When used in street lighting can adjust the light direction, to avoid blinding the drivers and the light falling in the Windows of houses;

4. Safe for use in areas where stored materials with high inflammability, since it is not heated and no sparks;

5. With their help, you can focus on a certain place in the room (picture or table) or on the street (house number or door);

6. Does not attract insects and does not attract dust because they have no high voltage;

7. They can be used in any climate. They do an excellent job with both frost and humidity and strong gusts of wind;

8. Their use objects are perceived more clearly because the spectrum of light they possess, is as close to the sun, and therefore the most comfortable for human eyes.

 There are three main areas of led manufacturing: Ukraine, Europe, and Asia (China). Since they all differ in their mentality and needs of the population, the quality and price led lamps very different.

1. European corporations producing led bulb — прямое наследие ламп накаливания. Они продолжили свое дело под старыми брендами, просто сменили продукцию на более современную. Основными параметрами, характеризующими все европейские фирмы производители, являются:

• широкий ассортимент;
• тщательный контроль производства;
• подтвержденная гарантия на продукцию;
• высокое качество изделий;
• повышенная цена на продукцию.

2. Chinese manufacturers. Mostly counterfeit famous brands because their products are more designed for foreign markets such as USA, Europe and the CIS. From Chinese manufacturers led lamps the lowest prices, due to which they have been able to promote their products. But this low price due to insufficient control of production, resulting in the quality of the products is much lower than other manufacturers. Yes and the Chinese LEDs provide quite rare.

3. Regional producers. Compared with the previous offer the best combination of price and quality. In addition, regional companies producing led products there is a guarantee on their products, they are constantly improving the production process, which is good for the price policy of the market. A small disadvantage is the smaller selection lineup, compared to the aforementioned manufacturers.

The use of led lamps is virtually unlimited. They are used for interior design and give the space its style, and in street and industrial lighting. Each party of equipment must undergo a mandatory procedure in quality control lab where they are carefully checked for quality and discarded lamps with the slightest defects. Due to its economy and ability to create coziness and comfort in any room, led lamps are increasingly replacing alternative devices and gaining market share. Their shapes and models are improving all the time, appear more exclusive and unusual patterns that can suit a variety of tastes.

Our company operates from the manufacturer of led products of a new generation Ledmax™ which has established itself in the market led lighting.

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