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planirovanie osveshcheniya Properly placed accents in lighting design trading platforms that are its hallmark, and the key to a successful business in trade. That is why the priority will be to develop a plan, which will be clearly painted with the location, type, capacity and total number of devices for lighting.

 Features salesrooms

 Lighting for different areas due to their specificity, therefore, implemented differently.

There are three important points that require special attention when planning the lighting system.

1. The hall area and the level of service

 В случае освещения значительных площадей главная задача должна быть направлена на экономию электричества. Для таких случаев следует применить энергосберегающие светодиодные лампы. Точечные или линейные светильники используются в качестве осветительных приборов.

 Освещение рынков, магазинов, супермаркетов имеет и функциональную роль. Правильное расположение световых приборов позволяет акцентировать внимание посетителей на нужной группе товаров, подводя их к покупке.

 The right lighting bars, restaurants, and beauty salons should cause positive emotions and unforgettable experience in the pastime.

 Install accent lighting in the production and industrial applications involve laying of cable lines and placement of lamps designed to backlight the entire area and jobs. They should have a high level of protection against moisture and contamination.

 An important feature lighting for the retail space is the color temperature of the light flux. For example, yellow light in the interior with beige walls will create an unpleasant atmosphere. However, this light is perfect for interior, dominated by wood accents.

2. The height of the room

 Составляя план, стоит учитывать высоту потолков в помещении. В таких залах лучше поставить мощные лампы с хорошим потоком света, которые отвечают всем нормам освещенности и экономичности. Стоит помнить, что слишком яркий свет может негативно влиять на бизнес-процесс и прибыль.

For such projects, the use of recessed luminaires is impractical, it would be appropriate pendant lighting.

3. Functionality

 Competent work of the master lighting allows you to control the buyer. Thanks to color contrasts, the buyer focuses on the highlighted areas. This is an important factor.

To attract attention to a specific area can be applied to various devices according to conditions.

 General lighting allows you to create a certain atmosphere in General. Accent, in turn, allows you to select the specific item that requires special attention. However, such illumination are not durable and too expensive.

 Modern technology of lighting design is a powerful tool in the hands of designers, marketers and sellers. Properly placed priorities in illumination not only affect the decision to make an instant purchase, but also the positive emotions of customers, in General.

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