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About swedidh and led technology energy saving LED lamps
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About Led TechnologyLED (Light-emitting diode) technology, which allows to obtain a light emission between the cathode and the semiconductor is connected to the anode (the electrons interact with the emission of photons when passing through the semiconductor to the cathode).

The led was discovered by accident when, during experiments it was found that in certain cases, the charge transfer occurs glow in the visible range.

Later were open diodes emitting in the other spectra. The development of diodes was only in the mid-80s, when they started to require a small, durable light sources for indicators, lighting and the places where it is impossible to use lamp incandescent and lamp a cold cathode. Diodes differ from them in small size, low power consumption, no need special training stress, poor heating and high endurance to shock and overload.


      LED technology has several advantages compared to other light sources:
    • The ability to withstand relatively harsh conditions (vibration, small bumps, water, low temperature, pressure).

    • Low power consumption (approximately 7-10 times less than conventional bulb) and a high level of efficiency.

    • Practically do not contain harmful to health and the environment compounds (in contrast to fluorescent lamps and CCFL which contains mercury).

    • Durability (70-80 times higher than a conventional bulb with a filament, up to 80,000 hours and up to 2 times more durable than cold cathode).

    • Cons of LED technology:
    • The narrow emission spectrum (although in some cases, this may be a plus). Now being fairly successful in extending the range of LCD monitors and TV.

There is a kind of display technology called OLED, diodes which emit light due to the organic compounds. Used in over-contrast and flexible mobile screens have great brightness and contrast, but have one significant disadvantage – low durability. Each sub-pixel in OLED displays is a separate organic led.

World leaders in the production of LEDs are Philips and Osram (Siemens). Also, active research and production of LEDs is engaged in many well-known TSMC.

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