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Landscape led lighting Landscape led lighting is a new area to create both three-dimensional and large-scale projects and local and simple problems of lighting objects and areas. 

A country station or surrounding area today without good lighting simply cannot imagine.

Ландшафтное освещение в Киеве способно придать приусадебному участку особый колорит, подчеркнуть его красоту и оригинальность в ночное время.

Light is the missing element of the composition, which will make it more profound and complete.

Principal lighting

The lights in the garden can be functional and decorative.

Functional - ensures safe movement at night, lighting paths, gazebos, stairs, and the entrance to the Playground.

The main task of a decorative light to emphasize the beauty of landscape designs. This type of lighting is extremely important as it can help you to give special emphasis to compositions, flattering the landscape.

The main aspects of creating the lighting project of the estate

Landscape design with led lamps

 Современные модели светильников основывают полный полет фантазии при планировки ландшафтного дизайна, тем не менее существует ряд правил, о которых стоит помнить:

- garden lamp must possess the established level of ingress protection;
- light noise in the countryside is significantly different from urban, so give preference to lamps with less power;
- integrity lighting should be achieved by intersecting two or more light fluxes;
- below the bars are not looked during the time of soil freezing, when installing them it is better to build a concrete Foundation;
- used in the cable must be isolated, protected and laid at a depth of not less than 90 cm;
- при покупке ламп, стоит сосредоточить свое внимание на материале, из которых они выполнены;
- when clearing snow, be careful because you can damage the shade of the lamp, hidden in the snow;
- it is very important when planning a rustic lighting is not to overdo it. The bright light from the garden can be an inconvenience, especially when breaking into the bedroom window;
- give preference to energy-efficient light sources that will save your expenses on electricity bills;
- it is best to combine the procedure of drawing up of landscape lighting and its design to avoid additional rework in the future.

Types of lamps for landscape lighting

Landscape lighting of buildings led floodlights

For lighting the infield often use the following types of bulbs:
* filament. The main disadvantage of which is short life and low light output;
* галогеновые - устанавливаются в прожекторы;
* sodium is used to create the effect of sunset, are rarely used as quickly burn out;
* fluorescent - great for color and distribute the light.

Led bulb - have the properties needed for street lighting. They are completely protected from moisture and corrosion, resistant to damage and vibration, and withstand exposure to low temperatures.

Bright saturated color of LEDs with proper distribution landscape lighting, able to create fantastic effects especially when the lighting of the water -
fountains and waterfalls will sparkle with new colors.

Подсветка клумб, деревьев, фасадов, дорожек светодиодными прожекторами позволит реализовать любую дизайнерскую задумку.

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