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How to calculate the lamp power? Table power lamps, LED lamps In the past, T. A. Edison shook the world with its discovery. He improved the design of the very first lamp, applying a carbon filament as the filament body. Then he suggested to pump the air out of the bulb. Thus, American scientist, was a pioneer of incandescent lamps. After a certain time the carbon filament was replaced by tungsten.

Looking back you can see that for all time was created a huge number of different artificial light sources, among which the leading place is safely possible to give led.

Why is the popularity of led light sources?

Today, many resort to a reasonable solution preferring led lighting, this is due to a number of advantages. Which include:
- good light output;
- ecology;
- fire and mechanical safety;
- long life;
- significant savings on the value of the power consumption.

By cons, preventing their proliferation can be attributed to the higher price which not all of the population can afford it.

In order to fully verify the accuracy of the choice, you just have to compare the ratio between the capacity in the other lamps.

The table below shows the data-matching power of different lamps:


 ⚡ table power lights ⚡

? Incandescent

 Fluorescent ? Led
   The amount of the consumed active power, watts
 20  5-7  2-3
 40  10-13 4-5 
 60  15-16 8-10 
 75 18-20   10-12
 100  25-30  12-15
150 40-50 18-20
200 60-80 25-30


The above characteristics give the possibility to understand that LED lights give the opportunity to obtain a powerful stream of light, even at minimum power. All this will allow to achieve significant savings in the application.

However, in addition to power in the purchase of lamps should be guided not only power, but also to pay attention to other quantities.

The basic properties of ESL

* Power is measured in Watts, the high results indicate a significant brightness. However, for these values of power consumption will always grow.

* The led flux is measured in Lumens indicates the brightness. The higher the flow, the brighter.

The lamp is best to choose not only in terms of capacity but also by the number of Lumens. For example, the lamp has a 5 Watt 550 LM, her vitals are in the middle between lamps of 40 Watts and 60 Watts. Such light has found its application in everyday life.

For more severe consumers who prefer white light suitable LED lamp at 9 Watts. They are usually installed in offices and office buildings. Network flow in them is equal to 850 LM, in comparison with the incandescent lamp indicators are equal to a power of 75 watts.

* Light temperature is specified in Kelvins, they indicates the hue of the glow. They can be:
- warm colors (2700-3300 K);
- day (4000-4200)
- cold with a value of about 5000 K

* Luminous efficiency - is denoted by and is measured in LM/W. It is a measure of the effectiveness of the light source, which indicates the quantity of each consumed Watt of power for any lamp.

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