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Led bulbs, lamps, spotlights, lamps, led strip, offline led lighting

Led lighting is a new generation for apartments, homes, office, streets and other facilities

We have a huge range of products, reasonable prices and delivery ✓ all over Ukraine.

Led гирлянды от компании LedSvit - Лучшее украшение для Ваших мероприятий ;)

  • What is LED technology, the principle of operation. The pros and cons of LED.

    LED (Light-emitting diode) technology, which allows to obtain a light emission between the cathode and the semiconductor is connected to the anode (the electrons interact with the emission of photons when passing through the semiconductor to the cathode). The led was discovered by accident when, during experiments it was found that in certain cases, the charge transfer occurs glow in the visible range. Подробнее...
  • How to choose light-emitting diode (led) lamp

    What is an led an Led is a semiconductor with electron-hole transitions that generate light by passing electricity through it. The main difference between the led light source from other lights that the led chip converting AC to DC is accompanied by minimal loss to heat. Подробнее...
  • LEDs — the ideal light source

    Correctly chosen lighting office, office or home is regarded as a pledge of comfort and more productivity. So today all the attention is focused on the installation of led light sources. They represent the only quality alternative to the huge number of lamps used previously. Подробнее...
  • How to calculate the lamp power? Table power lights.

     In the past, T. A. Edison shook the world with its discovery. He improved the design of the very first lamp using a carbon filament as the filament body. Then he suggested to pump the air out of the bulb. Thus, American scientist, was a pioneer of incandescent lamps. After a certain time the carbon filament was replaced by tungsten. Подробнее...
  • Performance of led lamps in lighting fixtures

     In addition to the quality and durability of modern household appliances must possess and efficiency. In addition, they directly save money by consuming less electricity, these devices also improve the environment by reducing electricity consumption. This means that they reduce the release of toxic substances from power plants. The first electrical appliances, who became the head of this movement was the bulb. Now hardly anyone uses the classic incandescent bulbs, most opted for best option is led lighting. The reasons why they are gaining such popularity, are: Подробнее...
  • Led lamps and their impact on human health

     The devices based on diodes have appeared recently, but already managed to occupy a leading position. This is not surprising because they usher in a new era in artificial lighting. Consider led lights consume significantly lower amount of energy compared to their counterparts. But everything is so beautiful as we are trying to get manufacturers? Not whether they are harmful to humans? Подробнее...
  • Led hallway lighting

     The entrance area of the apartment, like all others, needs good lighting. The Chinese teachings of Feng Shui says that a good hallway lighting drives away evil spirits. The same opinion adheres and the Indian doctrine of Vaastu. Even if you don't believe the ancient science of harmonizing space, you need to arrange proper lighting of the hallway in a purely functional purposes. Подробнее...
  • Planning for led lighting

     Properly placed accents in lighting design trading platforms that are its hallmark, and the key to a successful business in trade. That is why the priority will be to develop a plan, which will be clearly painted with the location, type, capacity and total number of devices for lighting. Features of the trading halls of Lighting for different areas due to their specificity, therefore, implemented differently. Подробнее...
  • Led lamps for stretch ceilings

     Perfectly timed led lighting, can not only enhance the design of individual parts of the interior, but also to become its main highlight. That is why when planning renovations should consider every detail to the smallest detail. Stretch ceiling in this case will be ideal. It is not necessary to forget that the paintings on the ceiling you need to think carefully about the light sources. Selection of led lamps for stretch ceilings Подробнее...
  • Landscape led lighting

     Ландшафтное светодиодное освещение - как новое направление для создания как объемных и масштабных проектов, так и для локальных и простых задач в области освещения объектов и территорий.  Загородный участок или прилегающая территория сегодня без хорошего освещения просто не мыслим. Ландшафтное освещение в Киеве способно придать приусадебному участку особый колорит, подчеркнуть его красоту и оригинальность в ночное время. Подробнее...
  • Профессиональное LED освещение

      Работаем над освещением : от разработки проекта до реализации. Профессиональное LED освещение для торговых залов Правильное освещение - это залог успешных продаж ! Освещение является отличным средством привлечения внимания, а световые акценты в торговом помещении – самые сильные из всех видов акцентов. Правильное светодиодное освещение способно подчеркнуть достоинства товара и вызывать у людей определенные эмоции, влиять на физиологические реакции организма. Подробнее...
  • Каким должно быть освещение в офисе ?

    Свет – это незаменимый элемент который дает нам способность видеть и оценивать всё, что нас окружает. Правильный свет дает возможность повысить продуктивность труда, в свою очередь плохое, может стать причиной переутомления и головной боли. Каким же должно быть освещение рабочего пространства ? Для такого освещения лучше всего подходит смешанный свет. Это относится к освещению как рабочего места, так и пространства в общем. Подробнее...
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led lamps economical lighting prices

Shop - a wide range of reliable and economical led lighting.

 We offer You today to go to the safe and economical LED lighting at affordable prices and delivery to Ukraine. Our experts will help You find the led equipment for home and professional use.

 If You have any additional questions on the items on our website - contact us any way convenient for You and we will be happy to share their knowledge and experience:
☎ (044) 360-92-75
⏰ с 9:00 до 18:00 / пон. - пятн.

Shop You can buy:


  • Led downlights for surface-mounted and embedded installation
  • Led T8 tubes (tubes) and light bulbs E27, E14, G13, GU10, GU9
  • Led modules and led strip
  • Street light: led spotlight & led console lamps
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Track lights for shops and interior
  • Led lamps for housing and communal services and the MOS
  • Power, drivers, connectors
  • Displays LED screens, modules, text, and controllers to them
  • Led fitolampy for plants
  • Other accessories for led technology


The main advantages of LED lighting:

  • Savings - consume 2-10 times less power than lamps of the previous generation, which can significantly reduce the cost of utilities. Low power led equipment significantly reduces the load on the grid.

  • Long life - the average life of led lamp 30 000 — 50 000 hours with end-of-life light output is reduced by only 20%(for good diodes).

  • Environmentally friendly - does not contain hazardous chemical compounds and elements.

  • Safety no flicker and UV radiation harmful to the eye, high rate of reproduction, which practically does not distort the natural colors of surrounding objects.

The possibility of using led lighting:

- For the main and additional illumination of houses and apartments
- Led lighting interior and exterior of various objects
- Lighting warehouses, logistics centers, hotels, restaurants and other commercial real estate
- For social infrastructure, medical and educational institutions
- As an economical source of light shopping and office centers
- Decorative and architectural lighting, festive illuminations
- Light for advertising structures and various signage

 In our company You can buy ready-made and customized led solutions: led lamps, lamps, spotlights and other elements for led lighting at reasonable and competitive prices.
 So, our specialists can do for You calculation and selection of lighting equipment to make its installation or to convert existing lighting to led.

Мы are the official representative of the Ledmax™ in Ukraine and can offer You the most convenient conditions for cooperation.

Manufacturer led products of a new generation

Led is economical and Autonomous led lamp

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